Total Pet Plan

Total Pet Plan


Your pets are part of your family, and you’ll do anything to keep them happy and healthy. But with the cost of pet care on the rise, it isn’t always easy.


That’s why we’re offering Total Pet Plan, the one-of-a-kind pet care bundle that combines the best pet care memberships into one affordable package. Enroll in Total Pet and get the same high-quality products and services your pets are used to, just at a lower price!


Total Pet Plan Makes Pet Care Affordable

Total Pet Plan from Pet Benefit Solutions helps you save on everything your pets need, from vet care and pet products to 24/7 telehealth and lost pet recovery service.

  • Less than 40 cents per day
  • Same price for every pet, regardless of age or breed
  • No exclusions, even pets with pre-existing conditions are covered
  • Instant savings with no claim forms or waiting for reimbursements
  • No waiting periods, deductibles, or usage limits


Enroll one pet for $10.75/month or all of your pets for $17.50/month.


There’s no need to get a quote and you can enroll all of your pets for one low monthly rate!
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What’s Included in Total Pet Plan?

HIW Icon Save HIW 1st divider

Save on Pet Products
& Rx

Provided by PetPlus
Shop online at at members
only pricing (up to 40% off)
and receive free shipping

HIM Save on Veterinary Care HIW 2nd divider

Save on Veterinary Care
Provided by Pet Assure
Instant 255 savings
on all in-home
medical services at
participating vets

HIW Chat HIW 3rd divider

24/7 Pet Telehealth
Provided by AskVet
Chat with a US-based
licenced veterinarian about
your pet's health, wellness,
behavior and more

HIW Lost Pet Recovery Service HIW 4th Divider

Lost Pet Recovery Service
Provided by ThePetTag
Durable ID Tag that
helps missing pets
return home faster
than a microchip


Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

  • What is Total Pet Plan?

    Total Pet Plan brings the best brands in pet care together to create a bundle that covers everything your pets need. Receive benefits from PetPlus, Pet Assure, AskVet, and ThePetTag at one low payroll deduct rate.
  • What does Total Pet cover?

    As a Total Pet Plan member, you’ll receive access to four pet products:

    • PetPlus: Members only pricing (up to 40% off) on brand name pet products and prescriptions, with free shipping on all orders from
    • Pet Assure: Instant 25% savings on all in-house medical services at participating vets
    • AskVet: Chat 24/7 with a licensed, US-based Veterinarian for questions on your pet’s health, wellness, behavior and more
    • ThePetTag: Durable pet ID tag with a cloud-based pet profile that can be scanned if your pet goes missing, bringing them home faster than a microchip
  • Which pets can I enroll?

    You can enroll any dog and cat in Total Pet Plan. There are no restrictions due to age, breed or health of your pet. Pet Assure Veterinary Discounts also cover exotic pets.
  • How do I access my Total Pet benefits?

    Log in to your account at to access all of your plan benefits.
  • Is this Pet Insurance?

    No, Total Pet Plan is not pet insurance. Total Pet provides instant savings and pet care services without any additional paperwork, claims, or deductibles. Unlike most pet insurance, Total Pet Plan has no exclusions for pets with pre-existing conditions. Total Pet Plan works as an alternative or complement to traditional pet insurance to help pet parents save on veterinary care, prescriptions, and preventatives that traditional pet insurance may not cover.
  • Are there any additional fees?

    No, your membership cost is deducted from your paycheck and gives you access to all of your benefits without any additional fees.
  • Are there usage limitations?

    No, all benefits have unlimited usage for the pets enrolled.

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