Caregiving affects thousands of Americans across the country on a daily basis. Many are employed full time and need assistance with these caregiving duties. YourCare360 is a complete caregiving solution with easy, online access to caregiving guidance and answers to the many questions that confront family caregivers.


YourCare360 has partnered with leading providers of services for each stage in the caregiving journey; Care consulting, home care or assisted living, legal services, end of life assistance, in home loneliness, real estate & relocation and long term care funding assistance.


  • Caregiver Problem-Solving to provide ongoing strategies and action plans for care. (Provided by WeCare)
  • Home Healthcare Assessments look at a care recipient’s need for care in their home and offers access to discounted care. (Provided by Amada Senior Care)
  • In-Home Loneliness Assessments to determine the need for interaction for a care recipient and provide access to technology solutions that combat loneliness. (Provided by Uniper-Care)
  • Residential Facility Assessments to determine living needs and provide discounted access to appropriate facilities. (Provided by Amada Senior Care)
  • Assistance with real estate and move related services (Provided by Paragon Home Resources)
  • End of Life Assessment to help you prepare financially and emotionally for a loved one’s passing, and complete tasks after they pass. (Provided by Peacefully)
  • Legal assistance from one of the nation’s leading providers of legal safeguards for individuals and families dealing with eldercare. (Provided by Premier Solutions International)
  • Funding Assessment to help an employee plan for their own long-term care needs. (Provided by ACSIA Partners)


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YourCare360 can help solve your caregiving issues. Many benefits of YourCare360 are available at no cost when you register, including:


  • Health assessments to help establish baselines and track progression and recovery.
  • Directories of care facilities and providers with extensive information about each.
  • Educational tools that make your options easy to understand.

For online access to caregiving guidance and answers to the many questions that confront family caregivers:
  • Who is the provider?

    Your employer has made arrangements with Mercer Voluntary Benefits to offer you access to YourCare360 which is sponsored by ACSIA Partners.
  • How can this help me?

    You get personal access to experts who understand your situation and can discuss your unique needs. You can also make use of a variety of services for ailing family, as well as no cost resources for things like at-home health assessments, guides for difficult conversations and calculators to explore what care might cost.
  • Who can access YourCare360?

    You, your spouse, family members and friends
  • How much will this cost?

    There is no fee or obligation to access the resources available.
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