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Identity Theft Protection

Identity crime can happen to anyone – no matter how careful you are. Get comprehensive identity monitoring and fraud resolution designed to help you protect yourself and your family against today’s digital threats.

Here's what you need to know

In today’s connected world, online transactions and purchases can put your financial and personal information at risk. But you can get greater peace of mind with Identity Theft Protection services from ID Watchdog—to help you better protect the identities of you and your family.


ID Watchdog’s advanced identity monitoring scours billions of data points to search for signs of potential identity theft. This award-winning service includes:


  • Advanced Identity Theft Detection: Monitoring features that scour billions of data points—public records, transaction records, social media and more—to search for signs of potential identity theft.
  • Greater Protection & Control: Lock and block features to help keep identity thieves from opening new accounts in your name.
  • Fully Managed Identity Restoration: If you become a victim, you’ll have access to a certified resolution specialist to fully manage your case until your identity is restored. Includes up to $1M identity theft insurance.* (insurance amount depends on plan: Platinum & Platinum Plus offer up to $2M, Ultimate up to $5M)


Once you enroll, you’ll be able to reach a US-based Customer Care Specialist whenever you need help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your identity is stolen, Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists (CITRMS) fully manage your case until it is resolved. 

Identity theft is more complicated than the use of a stolen credit card or fraudulent withdrawals from your bank account. It can impact everything from your tax refunds to your medical insurance. With ID Watchdog, you have an easy and affordable way to help better protect and monitor the identities of you and your family. You’ll be alerted to potentially suspicious activity and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the support of dedicated resolution specialists.


  • Monitoring across your credit cards, bank accounts, loans, billions of public records, and even the dark web
  • Alerts when activity that could indicate potential fraud is detected
  • Fully Managed Identity Theft Resolution and 24/7/365 Customer Care Center
  • Family plans to help better protect the identities of children and adult family members in your household
Enroll anytime! While you can sign up year-round to begin protecting yourself and your family, keep in mind that you want to have this benefit in place before any identity theft happens, not after the damage is done and you’re on your own to repair it.

How It Works

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Enroll in Identity Theft Protection coverage

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Relax as ID Watchdog monitors your credit and data

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Receive alerts of suspicious activity

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Get your good name restored by an identity theft specialist

You learn that one of your online accounts was affected by a data breach.

You contact the ID Watchdog customer care team 24/7.

You receive full-service support from a Certified Identity Theft Management Specialist if you are a victim of ID theft due to the breach. Your identity and good name are restored.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who is the provider?

    ID Watchdog provides award-winning identity theft protection and resolution services—monitoring credit reports, social media, transaction records, public records and more—to help you better protect your identity. ID Watchdog continues to innovate solutions designed to give you peace of mind. The ID Watchdog customer care team is US-based and available 24/7/365.
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  • Who in my family can use this program?

    Members of your family who are considered eligible for coverage include:


    • You – if you are an active employee
    • Your legal spouse/domestic partner
    • Your eligible dependent children


    You must be enrolled in family coverage for members of your family to be covered. 

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  • How much does coverage cost?

    Take advantage of an individual plan for only $7.50 per month. If you would like to enroll additional household family members, pay only $13.40 per month for a family plan.
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  • When would my coverage start?

    You will be eligible for coverage as soon as you enroll.
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  • What if my employment status changes?

    Good news! If you leave or retire from your current employer, you can continue your coverage without interruption (subject to applicable law and the plan’s terms and conditions). Although payroll deduction will no longer be available, you can opt for other payment methods such as direct bank account deduction, credit card billing or home billing. Higher rates may apply. 
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  • What is dark web monitoring?

    Dark web monitoring scans websites, chat rooms, and other forums known for trafficking stolen personal and financial information for compromised credentials including email addresses and other Personally Identifiable Information. You have the ability to enter additional credentials to include in monitoring such as credit cards, bank accounts, driver’s license, etc. through the dashboard or mobile app.
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  • Is identity theft a concern for my children, too?

    Kids’ online identities can be a serious concern for parents. The family plan provides coverage for kids and teens of all ages, so you can help protect their personal data and give them a safe head start. 
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  • What’s included in the family plan?

    Our family plan helps you better protect your loved ones, with each adult getting their own, personalized account. And, we offer more features that help protect minors than any other provider.


    Child Credit Lock

    Activate a Child Credit Lock for your minor child to help better protect against credit fraud in your child’s name by creating an Equifax credit report for your child, then locking it to prevent access to it by potential lenders and creditors. Available with a Premium Plan.


    Child Credit Monitoring

    Scans the Equifax credit database for a child’s Social Security number and alerts you if a credit file potentially exists or is created under your child’s identity.


    Social Account Monitoring

    Notifies you of potential cyberbullying or reputation-damaging information directed at you or your family on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube).

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  • When I activate credit monitoring, will it impact my credit score?

    No, activating credit monitoring on your ID Watchdog account is considered a soft inquiry, which does not impact your credit score, as it is informational only and not a credit application. This is different from a hard inquiry, which occurs when you apply for credit. A hard inquiry can impact your credit score.

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  • Legal Disclaimers

    *Locking your Equifax credit report will prevent access to it by certain third parties. Locking your Equifax credit report will not prevent access to your credit report at any other credit reporting agency. Entities that may still have access to your Equifax credit report include: Companies like Equifax Global Consumer Solutions, which provide you with access to your credit report or credit score, or monitor your credit report as part of a subscription or similar service; Companies that provide you with a copy of your credit report or credit score, upon your request; Federal, state, and local government agencies and courts in certain circumstances; Companies using the information in connection with the underwriting of insurance, or for employment, tenant or background screening purposes; Companies that have a current account or relationship with you, and collection agencies acting on behalf of those whom you owe; Companies that authenticate a consumer’s identity for purposes other than granting credit, or for investigating or preventing actual or potential fraud; and Companies that wish to make pre-approved offers of credit or insurance to you. To opt out of such pre-approved offers, visit


    The Identity Theft Insurance is underwritten and administered by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, an Assurant company. Please refer to the actual policies for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions. Review the Summary of Benefits (

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